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Analysis of Infinite-Dimensional Traits by Symmetric Coefficients

Mark Kirkpatrick
Organization: Department of Zoology, University of Texas
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"Infinite-dimensional" traits are characters like growth trajectories and reaction norms in which each individual is represented by a function rather than a single number. This notebook analyzes patterns of variation in infinite-dimensional traits. The approach is based on the methods developed by Kirkpatrick et al. (see, for example, Evolution 46: 954-971 [1992]). The user supplies a phenotypic or genetic covariance function as input. The program then estimates the covariance function by interpolating between these data points. The covariance function is displayed in a 3D plot. The eigenfunctions and eigenvalues, which indicate patterns of variation and constraint in the infinite-dimensional, are also calculated and displayed.

*Science > Biology

Quantitative genetics, infinite-dimensional characters, growth, reaction norms, plasticity, evolution
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InfDimSymmetric.nb (462 KB) - Estimates and analyzes a covariance function

Files specific to Mathematica 2.2 version:
InfDimSymmetric.ma (284.6 KB) - Estimates and analyzes a covariance function