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A Carcinogenesis Model at the Nucleotide Level

Qi Zheng
Organization: Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Department: Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
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Mathematical modeling of the carcinogenic process has recently attracted considerable amonut of research efforts from quantitative cancer researchers. This notebook elaborates on some symbolic and numeric computational aspects of a carcinogenesis model proposed recently by the author and his colleagues which describes certain mutational events at the nucleotide level. The notebook focuses on two specific issues. One is the symbolic derivation of systems of ordinary differential equations which are used to solve for the joint cumulant functions. The other is the numerical computation of the survival and hazard functions.

*Mathematics > Probability and Statistics
*Science > Biology

carcinogenesis model, cancer, survival, cumulant, mutation, differential equation
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CarcinoNucleo.nb (183.4 KB) - Mathematica notebook

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CarcinoNucleo.ma (90.3 KB) - Mathematica notebook