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Solution of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems: A Root-Solving Approach

Robert D. Tzou
Organization: University of Missouri-Columbia
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A root-solving approach has been designed to solve the two- point nonlinear boundary value problems by the use of all embedded functions in Mathematica. Without attributing to additional algorithms such as the shooting method, the root- solving approach employs NDSolve, Interpolation, and FindRoot to solve the nonlinear boundary value problems. Consequently, it removes the possible distractions from the decomposition of the high-order differential equations and learning the new numerical techniques. This approach is particularly valuable in teaching/learning engineering science based undergraduate courses because the focus can be placed on the physcis of the problem rather than the numerical methods for the solutions.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Differential Equations

Two-Point Boundary Value Problem, FindRoot, Root-Solving, NDSolve, nonlinear differential equations
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