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Square Root Derivatives

Dr. Robert D. Poodiack
Organization: Norwich University
Department: Mathematics
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Use the sliders to set the coefficients for the function f(x)=Sqrt[a x^3+b x^2+c x + d]. You may move the sliders to pick the coefficients to be any integer between -10 and 10, inclusive. You may eliminate a term by setting its coefficient to 0. Mathematica will show the function you've chosen and then walk through the "4-step" process of determining its derivative by the "difference quotient" method. In the third step, Mathematica multiplies and divides by the conjugate f(x+h)+f(x) and then cancels out Δx in the numerator and denominator.


*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis
*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Calculus

derivatives, calculus, mathematics, mathematica, square root derivative, differentiation, Robert Poodiack, Norwich University

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