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Pandigital Expressions

Jaime Rangel-Mondragón
Organization: Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro
Department: Facultad de Informatica
Arturo González-Gutiérrez
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Arithmetic puzzles have been always a rich source of fascinating computational problems. Beside their natural numerical setting, their solving requires a knowledge of arithmetic operations beyond mere computation. Consider, for example, pandigital sums. A pandigital sum is a valid addition which uses all of the digits 1 to 9 only once.


128 + 439 = 567

26 + 48 + 79 = 153

are pandigital sums. Our aim in this work is to find all pandigital sums and generalize the scheme to include other operations.

The authors have used this material in a teaching environment.


*Applied Mathematics > Computer Science
*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics
*Mathematics > Number Theory
*Mathematics > Recreational Mathematics

Recreational Mathematics, Arithmetic Puzzles, pandigital expressions, Rangel-Mondragon
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