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Virtual Mathematica Font Metrics For TeXtures

Markus van Almsick
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
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'Mathematica/PS metrics' is a font metric suitcase for TeXtures, a Macintosh TeX-system from Bluesky Research. This font metric suitcase is a TeXtures adaptation of the virtual Mathematica font metrics (release 1.0.3) constructed by Jens-Peer Kuska. It should be used in conjunction with Kuska's "Virtual TeX Fonts" and the related documentation and auxiliary files (item 3200).

To use the font metric suitcase "Mathematica/PS metrics", place it in the "TeX fonts" folder of your TeXtures installation and restart TeXtures. You must have Mathematica 3.0 or MathReader 3.0 to access the fonts whose metrics are defined in the font metric suitcase. Furthermore, you need the "psfonts/adobe metrics" provided by Blue Sky Research (ftp.bluesky.com) and the PS fonts Courier, Helvetica, and Times. For any further TeX or LaTeX installation turn to the documentation in item 3200.

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Mathematica=PS_metrics.hqx (150.5 KB) - TeXture Font Metrics