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Quantum Random Walk in Dirac Bra Ket Notation

Jose Luis Gomez-Munoz
Organization: ITESM-CEM
Department: Physics and Mathematics
URL: http://homepage.cem.itesm.mx/lgomez/
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Quantum is a Mathematica 6.0 and Mathematica 5.2 package for using Dirac bra ket notation WITHOUT loading the Notations package of Jason Harris.

The advantage of NOT using Harris' Notatons package is that it can be used in any Notebook, regardless of the styles defined in that Notebook.

It includes input aliases for fast entering of bras, kets and operators. This input aliases can be set with a command to work in any new Notebook.

Its documentation includes a "naive" implementation of a Quantum Random Walk (where operators are entered in the same way as a handwritten calculation) and a "efficient" implementation of the same Quantum Random Walk (where Mathematica commands are used instead of handwritten-like definitions of operators).

Quantum can be very useful for teaching Quantum Mechanics.

Note: Updated files are available at http://homepage.cem.itesm.mx/lgomez/quantum.

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics

Quantum, Quantum Mechanics, Random Walk, Dirac Notation, Bra, Ket, Braket, Operator, Input Aliases, New Notations, Quantum Random Walk, Jason Harris
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