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Slightly more than basic input palette

Derek Sabatke
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SMTBasicInput.nb is an extension to the BasicInput palette provided with Mathematica. Six buttons are added which enclose the currently selected expression within delimiters (such as braces, parentheses, quotes, etc.). Mathematica's features for selecting successively higher levels of an expression (multiple mouse clicks or the control+period keyboard shortcut) are very useful with this palette. Place the file in C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\5.2\SystemFiles\FrontEnd\Palettes or the equivalent and open it from the File>Palettes menu.

It is nice to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to these buttons. Although Mathematica does not appear to provide a means, under Windows operating systems this can be accomplished with an AutoHotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/) script. An example script (SMTBIWinHotKeys.ahk) is provided, as well as a compiled, stand-alone version (SMTBIWinHotKeys.exe). When launched the script places an icon in the Windows taskbar notification area (system tray). Right-clicking on the icon gives the option to terminate the script. As provided, it uses the following hotkeys (win refers to the Windows or Start Menu key), which apply only when Mathematica is the active window:
control+win+f apply function
control+win+b apply braces (list)
control+win+p apply parentheses
control+win+c apply comment delimiters
control+win+q apply quotes
control+win+h apply placeholder delimiters

These files have been successfully applied under Mathematica 5.2 and Windows XP c. 2007. They have not necessarily been tested with other Windows and Mathematica versions, though broad compatibility is expected. The palette is expected to function on any operating system.

*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Palettes and Dialog Boxes

wrap, encompass

SMTBasicInput.zip (205.7 KB) - ZIP archive [for Mathematica 5.2]