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QuCalc: A Quantum Computation Package

Paul Dumais
Organization: Universite de Montreal
URL: http://crypto.cs.mcgill.ca/QuCalc/
Hugo Touchette
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QuCalc is a library of Mathematica functions whose purpose is to simulate quantum circuits and solve problems of quantum computation. The package has been developed by Paul Dumais of the Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing of Université de Montréal (also a member of the Crypto and Quantum Info Lab at McGill University).

Features of QuCalc include: - Built-in definition of qubits, qutrits, density matrices; - Implementation of tensor product, tensor division; - Definition of the trace-out operation, ancillary systems; - Enables all sorts of operations: measures, superoperators, POVMs, etc.; - Simulation of any quantum gate arrays; - Numerical calculation of fidelity of mixed states, and von Neumann entropy.

A french version and the complete documentation of the package is available at the URL: http://crypto.cs.mcgill.ca/QuCalc/

This package is for Mathematica 4.0.

Package written by Paul Dumais. Documentation written by Hugo Touchette.

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics

quantum mechanics, quantum computer, quantum circuit, quantum gate array, quantum simulator, quantum calculator, unitary transformation
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