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Dynamical Systems with Applications Using Mathematica

Stephen Lynch
Organization: Manchester Metropolitan University
Department: Department of Computing and Mathematics
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The associated files contain supplementary examples and exercises to accompany a new book by Steve Lynch, "Dynamical Systems with Applications Using Mathematica," Birkhauser, December 2006.

From the books' back cover:

This introduction to dynamical systems theory treats both continuous dynamical systems and discrete systems. Driven by numerous examples from a broad range of disciplines and requiring only knowledge of ordinary differential equations, the text emphasizes applications and simulation utilizing the Mathematica package.

Beginning with a tutorial guide to Mathematica, the text thereafter is divided into three main areas. In Part I, continuous dynamical systems are considered, with examples presented from mechanical systems, chemical kinetics, electric circuits, economics, population dynamics, epidemiology, and neural networks. In Part II, both real and complex discrete dynamical systems are considered, with examples presented from population dynamics, nonlinear optics, and materials science. Part III draws on examples from both continuous and discrete systems when considering chaos control and synchronization and neural networks. Common themes such as bifurcation, bistability, chaos, fractals, instability, multistability, periodicity, and quasiperiodicity run through several chapters. Some material deals with cutting-edge published research articles and provides a useful resource for open problems in nonlinear dynamical systems.

Approximately 400 illustrations, over 400 examples, and exercises with solutions play a key role in the presentation. There are numerous simple Mathematica programs listed throughout the text; Further links of interest are also available at the author's website.

The hands-on approach of "Dynamical Systems with Applications using Mathematica" engages a wide audience of senior undergraduate and graduate students, applied mathematicians, engineers, and working scientists in various areas of the natural sciences.

*Applied Mathematics

dynamical systems, applied mathematics, chaos, differential equations, mechanical systems, electric circuits, chemical kinetics, discrete, fractals, nonlinear, neural networks, multifractals, synchronization, and nonlinear optics

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