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Analysis of Variance

Steve M. Hunka
Organization: University of Alberta
Department: Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology
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The notebook Anova.nb provides the functions to carryout a factorial analysis of variance following the procedures of the general linear model. Input data may have observations grouped within cells or ungrouped. Each cell must have at least one observation, but cell frequencies need not be equal. The user is given the option to remove interaction terms, plot 2D and 3D interactions, and to carryout user defined contrasts on the main effects. A general sum of squares table and a table for the terms of the model are provided with F tests of significance. To facilitate the analysis of anova designs having nested and random factors, the notebook MGems.nb is included. This notebook contains the Millman-Glass heuristic to calculate the symbolic representations of expected mean squares and the sources of variation. By restructuring the data of a nested design, and including one additional factor in a factorial design, and using the informatiion from MGems.nb, nested designs can be analyzed. Examples are given.

*Mathematics > Probability and Statistics

analysis of variance, general linear model
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