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Reading Date and Time Strings

Harold Bishop
Organization: Process Modeling Solutions, Inc.
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Gettting data in a form that can be used for data analysis can be a time consuming project by itself. Data sources can include text based documents such as letters, emails and text notes. In recovering the actual data content from this type of information, an important data element is a date or time that may be part of a text string. This notebook is a package of functions related to reading text strings that represent date or time or both types of data and converting them to a datatype conducive to using the information content. The importing of text informaton containing dates and/or times is based on the formats of standard interfaces. In addition, a fully customizable output format is available for display of the datatype that can also be exported as a string. The datatype date-time is constructed and parts are selectable. Manipulation consist of differencing, comparisons, and additions of a number of days. Numbers can be converted to the datatype where the number value is taken in days. Strings can be checked for matching allowed formats and for conversion to the datatype. In addition, a string consisting of dates and or times such as in a sentence can be separated to provide the dates and times matching the built in formats. Examples are provided in the last section.

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Date, time, string conversion, datatype, constructor, selector, predicates, datatype manipulation, output formatting, $TimeUnit
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ReadDateTime.m (25 KB) - Mathematica Package
ReadDateTime.nb (84.5 KB) - Mathematica Notebook [for Mathematica 5.2]
Readme-ReadDateTime.nb (23.8 KB) - Installation and Usage Instructions