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MaMa: Calling MATLAB from Mathematica with MathLink

Roger Germundsson
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Director of Research & Development
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This package solves the reverse problem of the Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB. That is, MaMa allows the Mathematica user to call MATLAB from within Mathematica. MaMa is implemented as a MathLink template program to talk to Mathematica and uses MATLAB's engine interface to talk to MATLAB. MaMa must be compiled on the same platform on which you run MATLAB and this must be a Unix platform since MATLAB's engine interface only exists on Unix. However, since MathLink can connect heterogeneous platforms, you can call MaMa from any MathLink-capable copy of Mathematica. For example, if you have MATLAB on a Sun build MaMa there. Now you can call MaMa from Mathematica running on any Unix, Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows machine.

See Mathematica Library item 627 for a patch making this compatible with Matlab 5.1.

*Wolfram Technology > Linking Technology > MathLink

Interfacing, Matlab, Mat Lab, Mathlink, code generation, matrices, matrix manipulation, external programs, matlab symbolic toolbox, mathematica symbolic toolbox, MATLAB engine interface
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README.txt (4.3 KB) - Author's notes
MaMa.c (2.9 KB) - C-code
MaMa.m (2.2 KB) - Mathematica package
MaMa.tm (1 KB) - MathLink template file
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