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Breakthrough curves for adsorption with longitudinal diffusion under equilibrium assumption

Housam Binous
Organization: KFUPM
Department: Chemical Engineering
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/homepageofdrhousambinous/
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The notebook solves a PDE, describing adsorption with longitudinal diffusion assuming equilibrium, using NDSolve. The result, breakthrough curves, is compared to the analytical expression. We find perfect agreement between the two methods.

References: [1] Harrison at al., Bioseparations Science and Engineering, OUP, 2003. [2] Leon Lapidus and Neal R. Amundson, "Mathematics of Adsorption in Beds. VI. The Effect of Longitudinal Diffusion in Ion Exchange and Chromatographic Columns, J. Phys. Chem., vol. 56, p. 984, 1952.

*Engineering > Chemical Engineering
*Science > Chemistry

Breakthrough curves, adsorption, longitudinal diffusion, equilibrium assumption, NDSolve, analytical solution, error functions
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Lapidus.nb (220 KB) - Notebook [for Mathematica 5.2]