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Probabilities for Poker

Marcos Carreira
Organization: Credit Suisse First Boston
Department: Trading
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Mathematica Notebook showing why Flush doesn't have the same relative rank when you take out the lowest cards - basically because Flush is the only hand in which the number of hands is also a polynomial of degree 5 (as the number of hands also is), and so its frequency has a positive derivative in relation to the number of cards. The UnitStep in the Straight Flush is commented because it's only used in the 20 cards case (pathological, since there are hands that are not possible because specific cases like the Royal represent all the possibilities, and also every possible hand is a ranked hand !). So when reducing the number of cards pay attention to change the relative rank of Flush !

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poker, probability
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Poker2.nb (143.3 KB) - Notebook [for Mathematica 5.0]