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Introduction To Finite Volume Method For Computational Fluid Dynamics

Alexandre Costa
Paulo Mareze
Aluizio Drugovich
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Making use of symbolic and numeric capabilities of Mathematica, in this notebook we explore the fundamentals of the finite volume method (FVM). This method is largely employed for solution of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems in engineering. Nowadays, There are many commercial CFD packages available. However, for efficient use of these packages, the knowledge of the physics and mathematics behind their solutions are important In this notebook, we discuss the calculation of the flow field procedure and the following concepts related to the FVM: the pressure-velocity coupling, the staggered grid, the SIMPLE method. Finally, we apply all concepts for solving one dimensional flow field.

*Engineering > Finite Element Methods
*Science > Physics > Fluid Mechanics

computational fluid dynamics
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FVMconduction.nb (6.7 MB) - Mathematica Notebook
FVMflowfield.nb (4.4 MB) - Mathematica Notebook
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