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Evaluation of Reid and True Vapor Pressures

Housam Binous
Organization: KFUPM
Department: Chemical Engineering
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/homepageofdrhousambinous/
Mahmoud Kammoun
Organization: National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology
Department: Chemical Engineering Department
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Tunisian Gas produces gasoline that is stabilized for safe storage and transport. The Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) is a measure of the vapor-locking potential of the material. RVP is the vapor pressure of the material at 100F or 37.8C. A stabilized gasoline must have an RVP between 10 and 12 psia. The stabilization column separates the LPG from the stabilized gasoline. In the present notebook, we show how we can compute the True Vapor Pressure (TVP) from the measures of P and T of the condensate. Values of P and T were obtained from a HYSYS simulation. We use both the Antoine equation and the modified Antoine equation. Both equations give accurate results. The calculated TVP and the TVP given by HYSYS are in agreement. In addition, the RVP is very close to the TVP. Usually, these two properties differ by a factor of 1.05 to 1.1.

*Applied Mathematics > Optimization
*Engineering > Chemical Engineering
*Science > Chemistry

Reid and True Vapor Pressures, Antoine equation and the modified Antoine equation, HYSYS, condensate stabilization, LPG, gasoline, optimization, least square method
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