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CompG - A package for plane computational geometry

Adriano Pascoletti
Organization: University of Udine
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The package provides a set of operations arising from problems of plane computational geometry.

The following entities are defined: points, lines, segments, paths, polygons, circles, angles, affine transformations, cartesian and parametric equations of lines and axes. General polar and lexicographic sorting and ordering. Point location w.r. to lines, halflines, segments, convex polygons, simple polygons, and circles. Intersections of pairs of straight objects returning both the intersection set (empty, single point, segment,...) and its robustness w.r. to perturbations (strong or weak intersection).

Final examples: triangulation based on the existence of diagonals and triangulation of a monotone polygon.

*Mathematics > Geometry > Computational Geometry
*Mathematics > Geometry > Plane Geometry

Point, Segment, Halfline, Line, Path, Polygon, Circle, Affine Transformation, Polar Ordering, Lexicographic Ordering, Point Location, Intersection, Robustness, Triangulation
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CompG.m (41.1 KB) - Mathematica Package
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