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SuDoKu Analysis in Mathematica

Hagai Agmon-Snir
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In the last few weeks, SuDoKu has become very popular in Israel. Just for the fun of it, I made this notebook, in the very few hours of spate time I found. It is enjoyable to see how easily Mathematica handles SuDoKu algorithms, including advanced logical-deduction schemes, using its various computation approaches. I used comparably straightforward Mathematica, without any aspiration of an expert. This can be used as a tool for learning Mathematica. This is not intended to be a "black-box" package. Instead, it can be used to trace the algorithms behind SudoKu analysis. Of course, I will be delighted to get feedback and improvements. I am sure there are many things to correct and change.

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Sudoku, Latin Squares
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Sudoku.m (33.2 KB) - Mathematica Package
Sudoku.nb (410.9 KB) - Mathematica Notebook