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Membrane Separation of a Ternary Mixture

Housam Binous
Organization: KFUPM
Department: Chemical Engineering
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/homepageofdrhousambinous/
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The notebook computes the permeate and residue compositions obtained using a membrane separation module. Membrane area is also computed. The feed is a ternary mixture and the complete mixing model is used. This problem was solved using an iterative technique by C. J. Geankoplis in Transport Processes and Unit Operations, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 1993. In the present work, we use FindRoot to solve seven simultaneous equations with seven unknowns. Results obtained using both methods are in agreement.

*Engineering > Chemical Engineering
*Science > Chemistry

Ternary mixtures, multicomponent separations, membrane separation, complete mixing, model
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MulticomponentPermeation2.nb (32.8 KB) - Mathematica Notebook [for Mathematica 5.0]