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Jean-François Gouyet
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TContinuumMechanics is an add-on application for Tensorial by Jean-Francois Gouyet that illustrates the application of tensor methods to continueous mechanics problems. TContinuumMechanics is based on the well known book of Wilhelm Flügge "Tensorial Analysis and Continuum Mechanics", Wilhelm Flügge, Springer, 1972, which is closely followed. The 17 Sep 2004 update contains all nine chapters of Flügge. This package also requires the DrawGraphics package below for its graphics.

Tensorial is a general purpose tensor calculus package for Mathematica 4.1 or better. Some of its features are: complete freedom in choosing tensor labels and indices; base indices may be any set of integers or symbols; tensor shortcuts for easy entry of tensors; flavored (colored or annotated) indices for different coordinate systems; CircleTimes notation available; easy methods for storing and substituting tensor values; routines for partial, covariant, total, absolute (Intrinsic) and Lie derivatives; There is extensive documentation, with a Help page and numerous examples for each command. In addition there are a number of tutorial and sample application notebooks.

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Continuum Mechanics, Tensor, Shells Theory.
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