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MathLink for AppleScript 1.3

Uni Software Plus
URL: http://www.unisoftwareplus.com/
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MathLink for AppleScript is a Scripting Addition (OSAX) that makes it possible to use Mathematica as a computational engine in AppleScript programs. The second use of MathLink for AppleScript is to allow external functions written in AppleScript to be called from within the Mathematica environment.

Version 1.3 adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4 and Mathematica 5.2. New sample code demonstrates how to use MathLink for AppleScript in AppleScript Studio based applications.

Version 1.2 added support for remote Mathematica kernels. AppleScript programs can now carry out computations with a Mathematica kernel installed on a remote machine. Since MathLink is a platform-independent communication protocol, the remote Mathematica kernel can run on any platform supported by Mathematica. Calculations can even be performed on remote computing clusters driven by gridMathematica.

MathLink for AppleScript requires Mac OS X (10.2 or later) and Mathematica (4.2 or later).

As a Mathematica reseller and developer of Mathematica applications for 15 years, uni software plus loves hybrid programming with Mathematica. Our contribution to Mathematica and AppleScript programmers: MathLink for AppleScript is available FOR FREE.

Download the package at: http://www.unisoftwareplus.com/products/mathlinkosax/.

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