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MacWilliams matrix

N Gogin
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This notebook contains an algorithm for generating the visual patterns of the MacWilliams matrices over finite rings.

Though module "m" is said to be ODD integer, the program will work either for even "m", but a resulting matrix hardly could be said as "MacWilliams matrix", because in this case the MacWilliams transform becomes singular.

Module NGI can be included in any other program - for example, with random choice of dimension "n" and module "m". Not all of the resulting patterns will be very very picturesque, but still I would recommend to try the following "n"-"m" pairs: 170-13 , 191-19 , 200-7 , 310-31 , 377-9 , 171-19 , 346-23 , 400-5 , 171-17 , 312-13 , 289-29 , 327-25 , 296-27 , 230-23.

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MacWilliams Matrix
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