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E. Praton
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The functions provided in the TickControl package allow you to easily control the spacing, size, style, labeling, and axis direction of ticks on plot frames or axes, in any plotting routine that accepts the Ticks or FrameTicks options. These functions allow you to characterize the desired set or sets of major and minor ticks in one step, with the resulting ticklist(s) automatically spanning the entire plot region. TickControl also provides a function useful for labeling graphics arrays.

The "Guide to TickControl" includes notes on generating publication-ready plots, including a discussion on using TickControl with Markus Lischka's StackedGraphicsArray package.

Updated by Author August 18, 2005.

This update adds the ability to label ticks on only the top side or right side of a framed plot. (The function FrameTickTable now accepts the option TickLabel -> {False, True). )

The update also adds the ability to autogenerate lists of axes tick specifications for 2D and 3D plots. (Two new functions, TickTable2D and TickTable3D, generate lists for the Ticks option in the same way that FrameTickTable does for the FrameTicks option. )

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Ticks, FrameTicks, tick size, tick labels, tick spacing, tick style, axis direction
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