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L2Coordinates-Various Coordinates in the Hyperbolic Plane

Srdjan Vukmirovic
Organization: Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade
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L2Coordinates is a package for variuous coordinates in the hyperbolic plane. It is a kind of upgrade to the package L2Primitives which is necessary to run L2Coordinates.

The supported coordinates are polar, equidistant and horocyclic. Their coordinate lines are circles and lines; equidstant and lines; horocycles and lines, respectively.

It is well known that there doesn't exist an orthogonal coordinate system with only lines being a coordinate lines. Hence, the supported coordinate systems are among the simplest in the hyperbolic plane.

*Mathematics > Geometry
*Mathematics > Geometry > Plane Geometry

Hyperbolic plane, coordinates, horocycle, equidistant
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L2CoordinatesUserGuide.nb (24.2 KB) - Mathematica Notebook [for Mathematica 5.0]
L2CoordinatesUserGuide.nb (24.2 KB) - Mathematica Notebook