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Approximation methods for solutions of differential equations

Alexander Shklyaev
Organization: DigiArea Group Ltd
URL: http://www.digi-area.com/
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LdeApprox - Mathematica package for numeric and symbolic polynomial approximation of an LDE solution or function.

The method applied is numerically - analytical one (a-method by V. K. Dzyadyk). It means that LDE coefficients, boundary or initial conditions and interval of the approximation can be either symbolical or numerical expressions. The method gives asymptotically best approximation in Chebyshev metric.

The method can be applied
1. to find approximation of a function with parameters
2. to solve initial value problems
3. to solve boundary value problems
4. to solve LDE's with regular singular points

The required precision of the approximation can be reached very fast.

This items is also available at http://www.digi-area.com/

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Differential Equations

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