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Clifford Algebra

Renan Cabrera
Organization: University of Windsor
Department: Physics
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An experimental version of a Clifford Algebra package.

This package uses an experimental version of the tensor calculus package Tensorial 3.0 that is included with the Clifford package.

TCliffordAlgebra is an add-on application for Tensorial by Renan Cabrera that implements Clifford algebra operations. This is the first version of the package and it will probably be extended in the future. It is closely based on the William E. Baylis Electrodynamics: A Modern Geometric Approach book. There are Help files for the commands and a number of examples. It installs in the same manner as Tensorial except that it creates the folder TCliffordAlgebra1. It requires the 28 Jan 2004 version, or later, of Tensorial.

Tensorial is a general purpose tensor calculus package for Mathematica 4.1 or better. Some of its features are: complete freedom in choosing tensor labels and indices; base indices may be any set of integers or symbols; tensor shortcuts for easy entry of tensors; flavored (colored or annotated) indices for different coordinate systems; CircleTimes notation available; easy methods for storing and substituting tensor values; routines for partial, covariant, total, absolute (Intrinsic) and Lie derivatives; There is extensive documentation, with a Help page and numerous examples for each command. In addition there are a number of tutorial and sample application notebooks.

You may wish to check the site occasionally for updates. A section in the Help Introduction now gives a history of the major additions and changes in usage.

The sites involved are: http://www.websamba.com/cabrer7

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*Science > Physics > Relativity Theory

Clifford Algebra, Geometry

TCliffordAlgebra1.zip (132.1 KB) - ZIP archive
TContinuumMechanics1.zip (405 KB) - ZIP archive
TMecanica1.zip (64.3 KB) - ZIP archive
TensorCalculus3.zip (326.4 KB) - ZIP archive