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Error-correcting codes with Mathematica

Igor Gachkov
Organization: Karlstad University
Department: Department of Engineering Sciences
Revision date


This "Coding Theory" package was developed for course "Error-Correcting Codes with Mathematica"

The package consists of two parts: one part with illustrative explanations, the illustrative part (commands starting with Show...) is considered to visualize the theoretical aspects of encoding / decoding, construct shift-register circuits etc, and another one for scientific purposes. Information and description: http://www.ingvet.kau.se/~igor/

*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Coding Theory

Coding Theory, Augmented Code, Binary Galois Field, Binary Irreducible Polynomials, Burst Rectangular Code Vector, Cyclic Code, Dec Hamming Code, Dec Rectangular Code, Dimension Code, Distance Code, Dual Code, Equivalent Code, Error Trapping Decode BCH Code, Error Trapping Decode Hamming Code, Expurgating Code, Extended Code, Generator Matrix, Generator Polynomials, Gilbert Varshamov Bound, Hamming Bound, Hamming Code, Hamming Matrix, McWilliams Identity, Meggitt Decode, Nonsystematic Encode Cyclic Code, Parity Check Matrix, Punctured Code, Rectangular Code, Show Binary Galois Field, Show Burst Rectangular Code Vector, Show Correct Burst Rectangular Code, Show Cyclic Code, Show Dec Hamming Code, Show Dec Rectangular Code, Show Error Trapping Decoder BCH Code, Show Hamming Code, Show Meggitt Decoder, Show Nonsystematic Encoder Cyclic Code, Show Reconstruct Inform Rectangular Code, Show Rectangular Code, Show Standard Arrays, Show Systematic Encode, Show Systematic Encoder Cyclic Code, Show Table Mult, Show Table Plus, Singleton Bound, Syndrome, Systematic Encode, Systematic Encode Cyclic Code, VEC, Weight Polynomial
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CodingTheory.m (95.7 KB) - Mathematica Package
Test package CodingTheory.nb (19.3 KB) - Mathematica Notebook