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Introduction to Mathematica for Economics, Commerce and Business Academics and Students

Jim R Larkin
Organization: Flinders University
Department: Commerce
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This Mathematica notebook was used to introduce Mathematica to a group of business, accountancy and finance academics at Flinders University (South Australia). It gives a glimpse of the power, utility and endless applications of Mathematica in the education of economics, commerce and business students (broadly construed)with original examples taken from cost and management accounting, financial mathematics, statistical theory, microeconomics/game theory, and investment science. Potentialities are magnified in distance education: Using Mathematica the production of interactive teaching materials of prodigious pedagogical power is scarcely more difficult than typing a letter in Word.

*Business and Economics

cost and management accounting, financial mathematics, central limit theorem, microeconomics, investment science, economics
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FlindersUniMay2003.nb (877.2 KB) - Mathematica Notebook