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Laminar Channel Flow Over a (Long) Wavy Surface

Mark J. McCready
Organization: University of Notre Dame
Department: Department of Chemical Engineering
URL: http://www.nd.edu/~mjm
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This notebook solves the problem of laminar flow over a wavy solid surface. The linearized equations are used. A long wave expansion perturbation technique is employed. The major point of this notebook is to calculate the pressure and shear stress components at the wave surface. These provide insight into the wave growth process. A comparison of the longwave perturbation and boundary- layer approximations are given.

From these results, this notebook attempts to provide insight into how different models for linear stability will predict the formation of waves and by implication, the transition from stratified flow to another regime. It is expected for two fluids, where one is much more viscous and dense, and the other has a Reynolds number large compared to unity, that the pressure shear variations over a linear wave strongly control the wave growth. See Hanratty (1983) in Waves on fluid interfaces, pp 221- 259. Academic Press, Kuru, Sangalli, Uphold and McCready (1995) IJMF, 21, pp 733-753.

*Science > Physics > Fluid Mechanics

interfacial waves, linear stability, flow regime transitions, gas-liquid flow, multiphase flow, multifluid flow
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pressure_shear_fluc.nb (1 MB) - Mathematica notebook