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Fast Fourier Transform on Nonequispaced Grid

Anry Nersessian
Organization: National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
Department: Institute of Mathematics
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The fast calculation of this Fourier Transform on (in general) nonuniform grids is one of the important problems in applied mathematics.It is now central to many areas, notable spectral analysis in signal processing when the input data is not uniformly spaced,as well as for mathematical sources of the computer tomography. There are many papers of known autors devoted to fast solution of this problem. The current algorithm NUFourier[f,{t,w}] is based on the original paper of the autor of the package which provides both fast calculation and about exact required precision for the Transform.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis

fourier transform, nonuniform grid
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NUFourier.nb (55.2 KB) - Mathematica notebook