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COSY-PAK: A Symbolic Control Systems Analysis Package V0.9

N. Sreenath
Organization: Case Western Reserve University
Department: School of Engineering
C. K. Chen
Organization: Case Western Reserve University
Department: School of Engineering
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This is an unsupported release of COSY-PAK, a COntrol SYstems analysis PAcKage for symbolic control systems analysis using Mathematica 2.0 and higher. Classical control systems analysis and design methods and some modern control systems methods have been implemented in this package.

*Engineering > Control Theory

ASinc, AddT, AliasSinc, Aliasby, AliasedSinc, AllSubsets, Analog, Analyticity, Arrow2D, AssociateItem, Assuming, Bandpass, Bandstop, Bessel, BilinearTransformation, Bode Plot Analysis, Butterworth, CConvolve, CFIR, CIIR, CPulse, CStep, ChebyshevI, ChebyshevII, ChekAnal, CirclePS, CircularShift, Combine, Combined Example, ComplexQ, ComplexTo2DCoord, ComplexTo2DCoordList, ConjT, ConstantQ, ConstantTerm, Continuous, Control Systems Engineering, Controllability, Controllable, Convolve, ConvolveT, DFT, DTFT, Delta, DeltaIntegrate, DeltaPlot, DerivativeT, DesignFilter, Dialogue, Difference, Differential Equation With Initial Conditions, Differential Equation With Zero-Valued Initial Conditions, Digital, Dirichlet, Discrete, DiscreteGraphics, Domain, DomainScale, Downsample, DummyVariables, Element, Elliptic, EmptyQ, ExpAt, Extent1D, FIR, FT, FilterOrder, FilterParameters, FindRMinus, FindRPlus, First Order System (Step Response vs. Time Const), First order System, Forward Laplace Transforms, Frequency-Response Analysis, GenerateCode, GeneratePattern, GenerateSymbol, GetAllExponents, GetAllFactors, GetArgs, GetDeltaFunctions, GetOperatorVariables, GetRMinus, GetRPlus, GetRoot, GetRootList, GetShiftFactor, GetStateField, GetValue, GetVariables, HasAttributes, Highpass, IIR, IIRFunction, ImaginaryQ, Impulse, InRange, InfCheck, InfinityQ, InformUserQ, IntegrateT, Interleave, IntersectsROC, IntervalsToFunction, Introduction, Introduction to Control Systems, InvDFT, InvDTFT, InvFT, InvL, InvLaPlace, InvZ, InvalidInvLTransformQ, InvalidLTransformQ, Inverse Laplace Transforms, L, LForm, LMultiDROC, LSolve, LTransData, LTransformQ, LVariables, LaPlace, LaPlaceTransform, LineImpulse, LineImpulsemDT, Linear, LinearLogPlot, Linearization of a Nonlinear System of Equations, Linearize, ListQ, Lowpass, MagPhasePlot, MagPlot, MagRangeScale, Magnitude vs. Phase Plot (Nichols Plot), MagnitudePhasePlot, MagvsPhase, MakeLObject, Mathematical Modeling of Dynamic Systems, MixedPolynomialQ, Modify, MultT, MultiDInvTransform, MultiDTransform, MyApart, MyCollectAll, MyFreeQ, MyMessage, MyTogether, NegExponent, NormalizedQ, NullPlot, Nyquist Plot, NyquistPlot, ODE to State Space, ObsPolePlace, Observability, Observable, Observer Design, Ode2SS, OperatorInOperExpr, OperatorName, OutControllable, Output Controllability, ParametersInOperExpr, PatternQ, Periodic, PhasePlot, PhaseRangeScale, PointwisePlot, Polar, Polar Plot, Pole Placement Design, PolePlaceGain, PoleZeroPlot, PoleZeros, Poles and Zeros, PolyphaseDownsample, PolyphaseUpsample, PrintIt, ProtectIt, Pulse, ROCPlot, Radian, RationalFunctionQ, RationalGCD, RationalPolynomialQ, RationalQ, RealQ, RealValuedQ, RemoveOptions, ReplaceWith, Response, Rev, RewriteSummations, Rminus, Root-Locus Analysis, RootLocus, Routh, Routh's Stability, Rplus, RuleAppliesQ, SPLessGreaterRules, SPSimplificationRules, SPSimplify, SPfunctions, SPoperators, SPsignals, SS2Transf, SameFormQ, ScaleAxis, ScaleT, ScalingFactor, SecOrder, Second, Second Order System, Second Order System (Step Response vs. Damping Ratio), SequencePlot, SequenceToFunction, SetExclusion, SetStateField, ShadedAnnulus, Shift, Signal Processing, SignalPlot, Signals, SignalsInOperExpr, Sinc, Stable, State Space Methods, State Space to Transfer Function, State Transition Matrix, Steady-State Error Analysis, Steady-State Response, Step, StripPackage, SubT, SubsetQ, SubstituteForT, Summation, SysResponse, TableLookup, Terms, TheFunction, Third, Third Order and Higher Order Systems, Time Response Analysis, Time Response Using State Space Methods, ToCollection, ToContinuous, ToDiscrete, ToList, Transform, TransformFixUp, TransformLookup, Transient-Response Analysis, Unit, UnprotectIt, Upsample, UpsampleFactor, UpsampleSequence, UpsampledFunction, VariableQ, WithinROC, Z, ZPolynomial, ZTransData, ZVariables, ZeroQ, control systems analysis, control-systems, control-systems-engineering, cosy pak, cosy-pak, cosypak, engineering, matrixpower, rank, sspace, tpose, README.txt, COSY-MAN.txt, COSY-MAN.ps, COSY-PAK-09.tar.Z, COSY-PAK-09.sit.hqx, COSY-PAK-IBM-09.zip

COSY-MAN.txt (8.8 KB) - Plain-text users' manual
README.txt (18 KB) - Installation notes
COSY-MAN.ps (51.7 KB) - PostScript version of users' manual
COSY-PAK-09.sit.hqx (947.5 KB) - Macintosh archive
COSY-PAK-09.tar.Z (330 KB) - UNIX compressed file
COSY-PAK-IBM-09.zip (177.5 KB) - ZIP archive