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Signal Processing Packages and Notebooks Version 2.9.5

Brian Evans
Organization: Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Department: School of Electrical Engineering
James H. McClellan
Organization: Georgia Tech
Kevin West
Organization: Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Department: School of Electrical Engineering
Wallace B. McClure
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology
L. Karam
J. Proctor
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A hierarchical set of packages to perform basic analyses of signals (functions) and systems (operators). The packages are based on transform theory and implement many concepts from linear systems theory. They support (bilateral) z- and Laplace transforms, as well as continuous-time, discrete-time, and discrete Fourier transforms, all in arbitrary dimension. These rule bases can fully justify their answers (i.e, show the intermediate steps) and allow users to specify their own transform pairs.

The packages can perform a variety of operations for symbolic, graphical and numerical operations of signals and systems. Symbolic analyses include simplification of expressions, determination of data types, and reasoning about properties of signals, such as stability. For 1-D and 2-D signals, plotting capabilities include discrete time-domain plots, magnitude and phase responses, and pole-zero diagrams, including the region of convergence, for z- and Laplace transforms. Root loci can also be plotted for one varying parameter.

Accompanying the packages are tutorial notebooks on analog filter design, discrete Fourier analysis, convolution, and the z-transform. Other notebooks provide on-line help.

*Engineering > Signal Processing

Electrical Engineering, communications engineering, systems engineering, Signal Processing, Symbolic Signal Processing, Signals, filters, Fourier, Laplace Transform, Analog, digital, $ConvolutionDomain, ADDITIVE, AKindOf, ASPAnalyze, ASSOCIATIVE, ASinc, AddChildToTree, AddDataType, AddSlot, AddT, AliasSinc, Aliasby, AliasedSinc, AllDataTypes, AllSubsets, Analog, AnalogFilter, AppendSlot, Area, ArraySignal, ArraySignalQ, Arrow2D, AssociateDataType, AssociateItem, Assuming, AutoCorrelation, Bandpass, Bandstop, Bessel, BesselPolynomial, BezoutNumbers, BilinearTransformation, Butterworth, CConvolve, CFIR, CIIR, COMMUTATIVE, CONTINUOUS, CPulse, CStep, CTFTData, CTFTransform, CTPiecewiseConvolution, CenterOfSymmetry, ChebyshevI, ChebyshevII, CirclePS, CircularShift, ClearQueue, ClearStack, ColumnHermiteForm, Combine, CombineDataType, CommutableResamplingMatricesQ, ComplexAntiSymmetric, ComplexQ, ComplexSymmetric, ComplexTo2DCoord, ComplexTo2DCoordList, ComputableSignalQ, ConjT, ConstantQ, ConstantTerm, Continuous, ConvertFromList, ConvertToList, Convolve, ConvolveT, CorrelationSequence, DFT, DFTData, DFTransform, DISCRETE, DSPAnalyze, DTFT, DTFTData, DTFTransform, DTPiecewiseConvolution, DataType, DataTypeQ, DataTypes, DefConstant, DefaultSlot, DefineObjectType, DefineSystem, DeleteFromTree, DeleteSlot, Delta, DeltaIntegrate, DeltaPlot, Dequeue, DerivativeT, DesignFilter, DiagonalMatrixQ, Dialogue, Difference, Digital, Dirichlet, Discrete, DiscreteGraphics, DiscreteTimeSignalQ, DistinctCosetVectors, Domain, DomainScale, Downsample, DummyVariables, Element, Elliptic, EllipticF, EmptyQ, EndBandwith, Enqueue, Extent1D, FIR, FT, FTDataType, FVariables, Fetch, FetchArray, FetchNext, FilterOrder, FilterParameters, FilterTransform, FindRMinus, FindRPlus, Finish, FourierSimplify, GCLD, GCRD, GenerateCode, GeneratePattern, GenerateSymbol, GetAllExponents, GetAllFactors, GetArgs, GetDeltaFunctions, GetOperatorVariables, GetPosition, GetRMinus, GetRPlus, GetRoot, GetRootList, GetStateField, GetValue, GetVariables, HOMOGENEOUS, HasAttributes, HasSlotQ, Highpass, IIR, IIRCoefficients, IIRFilter, IIRFunction, IIRPostUpdate, Imaginary, ImaginaryQ, Impulse, ImpulseTrain, InRange, IncList, IndependentVariable, InfCheck, InfinityQ, InformUserQ, InitTree, IntegerMatrixEuclid, IntegerVectorQ, IntegrateT, Interleave, IntersectsROC, IntervalQ, IntervalsToFunction, InvCTFTransform, InvDFT, InvDFTransform, InvDTFT, InvDTFTransform, InvFT, InvL, InvLaPlace, InvZ, InvZTransform, InvalidInvLTransformQ, InvalidInvZTransformQ, InvalidLTransformQ, InvalidZTransformQ, Irrational, IrrationalQ, IsComplexQ, IsImaginaryQ, IsIntegerQ, IsIrrationalQ, IsRationalQ, IsRealQ, KVariables, KeepNormalized, L, LCLM, LCRM, LForm, LINEAR, LMultiDROC, LSolve, LTransData, LTransformQ, LVariables, LaPlace, LaPlaceTransform, LineImpulse, LineImpulsemDT, Linear, ListQ, Lowpass, MEMORYLESS, MagPhasePlot, MagRangeScale, MagnitudePhasePlot, MakeContinuousSignal, MakeDigitalSignal, MakeLObject, MakeObject, MakeSignal, MakeZObject, MixedPolynomialQ, MoveOperatorsToFront, MultT, MultiDInvTransform, MultiDTransform, MyApart, MyCollectAll, MyFreeQ, MyMakeSignal, MyMessage, MyTogether, NegExponent, NextFun, NormalizeSamplingMatrix, NormalizedQ, NullPlot, OperatorInOperExpr, OperatorName, OutOfDomainValue, ParametersInOperExpr, PastValues, PatternQ, Periodic, PhaseRangeScale, PiecewiseConvolution, PlotList, PointwisePlot, PointwiseSignal, PointwiseSignalQ, PoleZeroPlot, PolyphaseDownsample, PolyphaseUpsample, Pop, PostUpdateFunction, PreUpdateFunction, PrintIt, PrintName, ProtectIt, Pulse, Push, Queue, ROCPlot, Radian, RationalChebyshev, RationalFunctionQ, RationalGCD, RationalPolynomialQ, RationalQ, ReadOnlyList, ReadOnlySlotQ, ReadSlot, RealOrComplex, RealQ, RealValuedQ, RegUnimodularResMatrixQ, RelativelyPrime, RemoveOptions, ReplaceWith, ResamplingMatrix, ResamplingMatrixMod, Rev, RewriteSummations, RightSided, Rminus, RootLocus, RootLocusPlot, RowHermiteForm, Rplus, RuleAppliesQ, SHIFTINVARIANT, SPHeuristicRewrite, SPLessGreaterRules, SPRecursiveRewrite, SPSimplificationRules, SPSimplify, SPfunctions, SPoperators, SPproperties, SPsignals, SPsystems, SameFormQ, ScaleAxis, ScaleT, ScalingFactor, Second, Self, SequencePlot, SequenceToFunction, SetConvolutionDomain, SetExclusion, SetStateField, ShadedAnnulus, Shift, Signal, SignalPlot, SignalQ, SignalsInOperExpr, SimplifyList, Sinc, SmithFormSameU, SmithFormSameV, SmithNormalForm, SmithOrderedForm, SmithReducedForm, Stable, Start, StartBandwith, Step, StreamSignal, StreamSignalQ, StripPackage, SubDataTypeQ, SubT, SubTree, SubsetQ, SubstituteForT, Summation, SymbolDataType, SymbolDataTypeQ, SystemProperties, SystemQ, SystemRewriteRules, TableLookup, Terms, TheFunction, Third, ToCollection, ToContinuous, ToDiscrete, ToList, TopElement, Transform, TransformFixUp, TransformLookup, UnAssociateDataType, Unit, UnprotectIt, Upsample, UpsampleFactor, UpsampleSequence, UpsampledFunction, ValidIntervalQ, ValidOperatorQ, VariableQ, WithinROC, WriteSlot, Z, ZForm, ZSolve, ZTransData, ZTransform, ZTransformQ, ZUpsampledQ, ZVariables, ZeroQ, Fourier transform, Laplace transform, analysis, autocorrelation, cross-correlation, data type, discrete Fourier transform, discrete-time Fourier transform, downsampling, filter design, frequency response, linear constant-coefficient difference equations, linear constant-coefficient differential equations, list processing, normalized, number theory, open set, pole-zero diagrams, pole-zero plot, prototype, region of convergence, root locus, sampling matrix, sequences, set theory, signal processing, signals and systems, simplification rules, stability, transforms, tree data structure, trigonometry, upsampling, z-transform, README.txt, CHANGES.txt, CHANGES-SUMMARY.txt, usage.ps, usage.tex, usersguide.ps, usersguide.tex, SigProc2.0.mac.sea.hqx, SigProc2.0.tar.Z, SigProc2-IBM-PC.zip

CHANGES-SUMMARY.txt (13 KB) - Text file summarizing changes
CHANGES.txt (51.7 KB) - Text file documentation changes
README.txt (23.1 KB) - Installation notes
SigProc2-IBM-PC.zip (977.3 KB) - PK-Zip archive
SigProc2.0.mac.sea.hqx (1.8 MB) - Macintosh Binhexed self-extracting archive
SigProc2.0.tar.Z (1.5 MB) - Unix Compressed, tar file
usage.ps (240.3 KB) - PostScript version of the reference guide
usage.tex (133.9 KB) - TeX version of the reference guide
usersguide.ps (334 KB) - PostScript version of the users' guide
usersguide.tex (92.1 KB) - TeX version of the users' guide