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Parametrizations and Representations of the Groups SU2 and SO3

Jean-Pierre Amiet
Organization: Univ. of Neuchatel, Switzerland
Department: Physics Inst.
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Notebook: The content is tutorial. The rotations group in 3 dimensional space, SO3 , and its covering group SU2 are defined and their elements programmed with the 2 commonly used parametrizations plus 2 other ones. Relations between parametrizations are defined and programmed. The Lie algebras of these groups, so3, respectively su2, are defined and programed. Finally, the unitary irreducible representations of SU2 are defined and programmed. The main definitions and properties are given in text preceding the inputs. For more details or proves, refer to the books: "Irreducible Tensorial Sets" by U. Fano and G. Racah, ACADEMIC PRESS INC., NEW YORK 1959. "Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics" by A.E. Edmonds, Princeton University Press, 1957.

Package: Same mathematical content as the Notebook, but with few text, non tutorial. Working instrument.

*Mathematics > Algebra > Group Theory

rotations, group SO3, group SU2, representations
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SU2_SO3.m (12.4 KB) - Mathematica Package
SU2andSO3groups.nb (33.7 KB) - Mathematica Notebook