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Five Ways of Generating a Mandelbrot Set

Terry Robb
Organization: RMIT University
Department: Department of Mathematics
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Five different methods for calculating a particular part of the Mandelbrot set using Mathematica are demonstrated in this notebook.

The first method is to write a function in Mathematica and then execute that function -- this method is very slow and takes about half an hour to execute for a 128X128 resolution problem. The second and third methods are to compile the function with either the Mathematica or InterCall compilers. This speeds up execution time by a factor of 20 and 60, respectively. The fourth and fifth methods, are to either Import a C-program with InterCall, or to Install it with MathLink. In either case the speedup in execution time is a factor of 180, i.e., down to about 10 seconds.

*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Cellular Automata
*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Applications from Independent Developers > InterCall
*Wolfram Technology > Kernel > Compiling

Programming, MathLink Examples, InterCall Examples, Programming Examples, Mandelbrot sets, interfacing, courseware, engineering, Graphics examples, life sciences, pure mathematics, applied mathematics
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