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Data Structures v.2

Adriano Pascoletti
Organization: University of Udine
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The package DStruct02.m defines a rather complete set of functions for the utilization of some ubiquitous data structures: stacks, FIFO queues, priority queues, balanced binary search trees.
In particular, priority queues are implemented by means of both leftist heaps and binomial heaps (new in version 2.0), and binary search trees by means of both splay trees and 2-3 trees.
This version of the package provides full access to the internals of the data structures, but, on the other hand, it introduces some slight incompatibilities with previous versions (see MathSource entry Data structures). The notebook DStruct02Demo illustrates the usage of DStruct02.m

The package was updated by the author in April 2005.

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data structures, stack, queue, heap, tree
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DStruct02.m (46.5 KB) - Mathematica Package
DStruct02Demo.nb (205.8 KB) - Mathematica Notebook