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Lie Symmetries

Gerd Baumann
Organization: Visual Analysis
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The purpose of this program is to derive the determining equations for Lie-point symmetries. The determining equations are derived in a form simplified as far as possible. The program allows an automatic solution of the determining equations by using a polynomial ansatz in the dependent and independent variables. If the infinitesimals (symmetries) of the symmetry transformation is known, a classification of the related Lie-algebra is possible. The Lie-algebra is directly related to the symmetry group of the equations that can be used to construct an explicit solution of the equations of motion considered. Lie's symmetry method is usable to construct solutions for linear and especially for nonlinear systems of differential equations. The program also provides a classification of the Lie-algebra by derived algebras.

*Mathematics > Algebra > Group Theory

Engineering, AppliedMathematics, Chemistry
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