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Operator Linear Algebra Package

Liu Zhao
Organization: Institute of Modern Physics, Northwest University
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The Mathematica package Operator Linear Algebra is a general purpose linear algebra package for noncommutative objects ("operators"). It contains, in addition to analogues of most of the functions of the Linear Algebra package shipped with Mathematica in noncommutative cases, a set of functions which may be used in evaluating commutators between operators, Poisson brackets, matrix direct products and matrix direct sums and canonical ordering of operators. It can also solve linear systems of equations with operator coefficients. The operator-valued Gauss deconposition routine is also implemented.

The functionality of this package has some overlap with the Noncommutative Algebra package (NCAlgebra) appeared already in math source. But since the aim of development of this package is quite different from that of NCAlgebra, the main part of this package is different of that of NCALgebra.

As of 14 April 2003, the package has been updated to version 1.1. See the changelog for details.

*Mathematics > Algebra > Linear Algebra

Noncommutative, Linear Algebra, Commutator, Poisson, Brackets, Direct Product and Sum of Matrices, Jacobian

OPLinearAlgebra.zip (48.8 KB) - ZIP archive