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A Demonstration of Genetic Programming

Zhu ChongKai
Organization: Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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In the nature, biology with higher fitness of the environment will have a higher survival rate and higher propogation rate. Biologists think that fitness of the environment is the result of natural selection, that is, by natural selection, recombination and variation, new structures will be made.

Computer program is one of the most complex artificial structures. In the 1950's, A. Samuel has set the problem of automatic programming one of the most important objects of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. What is called automatic programming is that only tell computer what to do , but not tell how to do.

Here I demonstrate a newly developed automatic programming technique, the Genetic Programming. I show how GP can be used to evolve a wall-following robot.

*Applied Mathematics > Computer Science

Genetic Programming, automatic programming
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GP.nb (84.7 KB) - Genetic Programming demo