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A Package for Symbolizing Subscripts

Ted Ersek
Organization: Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division
URL: http://www.verbeia.com/mathematica/
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A package is provided that makes it much easier to use subscripts in Mathematica. The package improves evaluation of subscripts by giving Subscript the HoldFirst and NHoldRest attributes. The format for displaying a subscript to a power is also improved. The most powerful part of the package is a function called SubscriptSymbols, which allows turning on or off the symbolization of general or specific subscript expressions. A few other utilities are also provided to simplify use of symbolized subscripts. The notebook UsingSubscriptSymbols.nb includes instructions for installing the package and gives examples.

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Symbol, Symbols, Symbolize, Notation, Subscript
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SubscriptSymbols.nb (94.5 KB) - Mathematica notebook [for Mathematica 5.0]
UsingSubscriptSymbols.nb (132.5 KB) - Mathematica notebook [for Mathematica 5.0]