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Tracer: A Package for Gamma-Algebra in Arbitrary Dimensions

Matthias Jamin
Organization: Technical University, Munich
Department: Department of Physics
Markus E. Lautenbacher
Organization: Physics Department, Technical University, Munich
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Mathematica implementation of gamma-algebra in arbitrary space-time dimensions according to the Hooft-Veltman scheme. The Tracer package is capable of doing purely algebraic manipulations as well as trace operations on strings of gamma-algebra objects. In addition, it provides a set of utility functions for reordering, simplifying, and improving the readability of the output, including optional TeX formatted output. This package is intended as a computerized aid to a researcher working on higher-order corrections in relativistic quantum field theories.

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics

AntiCommute, ContractEpsGamma, Dirac, Eps, Feynman diagrams, G5, GammaTrace, ListCommands, NoSpur, OnShell, OutputFormat, RemoveHatMomenta, RemoveNCM, Sigma, SortLine
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Tracer.m (55.1 KB) - Mathematica package
Tracer.ps (348.6 KB) - PostScript tutorial and documentation