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A Package to Eliminate Discontinuities in the Phase of an FFT

Ted Ersek
Organization: Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division
URL: http://www.verbeia.com/mathematica/
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A Packege called SmoothPhase.m is provided and demonstrated in the notebook SmoothPhase.nb. The package defines a function by the same name. To understand what the package does consider a list of numeric values named (data). If (phase=Arg[Fourier[data]]) then ListPlot[phase] often shows sudden jumps between Pi and -Pi. SmoothPhase[phase] assumes the elements of (phase) have units of radians and returns an equivalent list with minimal jumps between adjacent samples. SmoothPhase can take a list or matrix of numeric values with no imaginary part. SmoothPhase has an option called Period and the setting (Period->360) will cause SmoothPhase to assume the elements of (phase) have units of degrees.

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Phase, Discontiuous, Discontinuity, Jumps, Jump, smooth
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SmoothPhase.m (4.3 KB) - Mathematica package [for Mathematica 5.0]
SmoothPhase.nb (8.4 KB) - Mathematica notebook [for Mathematica 5.0]