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An Efficient Implementation of the Patterson-Holdsworth Auditory Filter Bank

Malcolm Slaney
Organization: Apple Computer
Department: Perception Group -- Advanced Technology Group
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Many people doing work with auditory perception use a simple linear model based on critical bands. Based on the work of Roy Patterson and John Holdsworth, a good fit for this data is provided by a Gammatone function. This notebook describes a new efficient implementation and includes C, Fortran, and Matlab implementations. This notebook depends on the filter design functions contained in the "Review of Filter Design" notebook from "A Review of Filter Design" (item 81).

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering
*Engineering > Signal Processing

applied math, signal processing, filter design, patterson-holdsworth auditory filter bank, roy patterson, john holdworth, gammatone function, auditory perception, gammatone filters, numerical z-transform, symbolic z-transform, all-pole gammatone approximation
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Gammatone.nb (781.4 KB) - Mathematica notebook

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Gammatone.ma (725.2 KB) - Mathematica notebook