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Graphica 2 and Beyond: Creating Artistic Images with Artlandia

Artlandia, Inc.
Organization: Artlandia, Inc.
URL: http://www.artlandia.com
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Artlandia is a Mathematica-based application that lets you construct patterns, ornaments, designs, and even art. It features more than a hundred new functions, options and algorithms that simplify creating artistic images, automate common design operations, bring the entire design process within the reach of a student and a hobbyist, and facilitate the work of a professional graphic designer.

The software provides the tools for turning arbitrary numerical arrays into geometrical objects, distributing geometric shapes over the plane, making and manipulating lattices and wallpaper patterns as well as performing various graphics operations and transformations. Artlandia is also capable of suggesting a stream of plausible solutions, which boosts productivity of the user. Special utilities are included to lend the patterns a pleasing natural touch. A selection of the designs created with Artlandia is included in the book Graphica 2 at http://www.graphica.com. The latest design collection is on display at http://www.artlandia.com/software/gallery/

Artlandia is developed, supported by, and available from Artlandia, Inc. of Champaign, IL. at http://www.artlandia.com

This item contains a collection of notebooks which demonstrate some of the designer tools available in Artlandia. In the end of each notebook you can find a finished design.

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artlandia, computer graphics, computer generated art, artificial intelligence, visualization, textile design, cellular automata, graphica, mathematica
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TheKiss.nb (660.2 KB) - Mathematica notebook
Truchets.nb (474.7 KB) - Mathematica notebook
Zigzags.nb (506.6 KB) - Mathematica notebook