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DynPac: A Dynamical Systems Package

Alfred Clark Jr.
Organization: University of Rochester
Department: Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics
URL: http://www.me.rochester.edu/~clark
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This package contains routines for integrating and plotting solutions of systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Documentation is included with the code in the notebooks. The notebook StartHere.nb gives basic instructions for getting started. The package includes 18 tutorial notebooks. We give the titles of those tutorials here as a brief summary of the scope of the package: Introduction to DynPac; Integration and Plotting (2D); Integration and Plotting (3D); Equilibrium and Stability; Local Solution Near Equilibrium Point; Comparison of Integration Methods; Periodic Solutions of Autonomous Systems; Periodic Solutions of Driven Systems; Orbit Trapping and Index Theory; Phase Portraits; Bifurcation Sequences; Liapunov Functions; Coloring and Dashing; The Lorenz Equations; Animating the Lorenz Attractor; Graph Labels; Lag Equations; Iterated Mappings. A number of sample applications are included, some in basic dynamical systems and some in mathematical biology.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Dynamical Systems

Dynamical Systems, Equilibrium, Stability, Autonomous Systems, Driven Systems, Bifurcation, Liapunov, Lorenz Attractor, Tutorial, differential equations

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