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Wolfram Notebook Indexer for Windows Version 1.1

Wolfram Research, Inc.
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Address: 100 Trade Center Dr.
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: (217) 398-0700
Fax: (217) 398-0747
Email: infocenter@wolfram.com
URL: http://www.wolfram.com

Wolfram Notebook Indexer Wolfram Research has released Wolfram Notebook Indexer 1.1 as part of an ongoing effort in search and conversion tools for Mathematica notebooks. Wolfram Notebook Indexer is a collection of plug-ins that supports text searches of all Wolfram notebooks (.nb) on the local hard drive, including those that are part of Mathematica's online help system. Wolfram Notebook Indexer does not use or need Mathematica; it instead leverages the open, structured syntax of notebook files to convert them to text.

This release includes plug-ins for the following search technologies:
  • Google Desktop Search - Available for Windows 2000/XP (32-bit Only)
  • MSN Desktop Search--Available for Windows 2000/XP (32-bit Only)
  • Windows Indexing Services--Available for Windows 2000/XP/XP x64 Edition/Server 2003 64-bit Edition

If you already have Google Desktop Search installed and it is running, please exit Google Desktop Search before starting the installation process. After the installation has finished, it is recommended that you restart your computer.

If you installed the Beta Wolfram Notebook Indexer for Google Desktop Search, you must uninstall it before installing this version.

Bug reports or comments about Wolfram Notebook Indexer should be submitted to support@wolfram.com.

Wolfram Research is committed to providing similar tools for other platforms as the technology emerges--see the "Related items" section below.

*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Notebook Manipulation

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NotebookIndexer.gif (21.9 KB) - GIF image
WolframNotebookIndexer.exe (1.4 MB) - Windows executable file