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Numerical computation features for Mathematica 5.0

Rob Knapp
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Kernel Technology

For Mathematica 5.0, nearly all numerical computation functions were improved and several were improved significantly with numerous added features.

Mathematica 5.0 use the GMP library to achieve arithmetic optimizations for multiplication and addition of arbitrary precision numbers are large integers. The library has machine optimized code, some in assembler, for doing basic operations needed for arbitrary sized arithmetic. The interface for arithmetic is still seamless, so all you should notice are time and memory performance improvements.

This talk was presented at JMUG, in Japan. Much of the notebook is in Japanese.

*Applied Mathematics > Numerical Methods
*Wolfram Technology > Kernel > Numerics

Japanese, JMUG, Numerics, 5.0, Arbitrary Precision, Large Integer Arithemetic, Dense Linear Algegra, LAPACK, Sparse Linear Algebra, Arithemetic, SparseArray, NMinimize, Large Scale Linear Programming, EvaluationMonitor, StepMonitor, Vector Value Variables, NDSolve, DAEs, PDEs, Numerical Computation


JMUG-5.zip (404.6 KB) - Numerics 5.0 in Japanese