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The Mathematica Platform

Andrew A. de Laix

Mathematica is a comprehensive platform for software development that combines a large library of algorithms, an advanced programming language, and an interactive notebook interface into a single package. This talk will offer a conceptual overview of Mathematica focusing on its key components: the algorithm knowledge base, the symbolic programming language, and the document centered interface. The algorithm knowledgebase contains over 4000 functions forming a wide-ranging toolbox for building software. The symbolic programming language offers high level constructs for manipulating not only numbers and arrays, but complex tree structures allowing one to write compact and flexible code. Mathematica s notebook interface enables one to combine text, mathematical typesetting, interactive elements, and code into a single document. Software, documentation, graphics, and interactive examples can be combined into a notebook for a unified presentation. Together, these elements constitute a flexible platform for developing a wide range of software solutions.

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Mathematica Technology, Front End, Kernel, Programming

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