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Audio Functions

Arun Chandra
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.

A guide to producing sound with Mathematica. You can use this package in at least two different ways: in a spirit of play to explore the world of sounds that can be created with Mathematica, or with attention to the constraints (sample rate, sample depth, and play range) of digital audio.

*Arts and Humanities > Music
*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Sound

Sound, Music, Composition, Digital Audio, Waveform, Sawtooth, Fourier, SampleRate, SampleDepth, PlayRange, Play, Wave, FourierWave, Sine, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, MakeWave, AmplitudeModulation, Amplitude Modulation, RingModulation, FrequencyModulation, Frequency Modulation, FM, AM, CascadeFM, ParallelFM, ReadSoundfile, SoundList, Scale, PythagoreanChromatic, PythagoreanMajor, JustMajor, JustMinor, MeanChromatic, MeanMajor, MeanMinor, TemperedChromatic, TemperedMajor, TemperedMinor, QuarterTone, SixthTone, Quarter Tone, Sixth Tone, Audio.m, Documentation.ps
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Audio.m (26.1 KB) - Mathematica Package
Documentation.ps (270.1 KB) - Postscript file