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Rates of Change

Miles Ford
Organization: St John's Anglican College
Department: Mathematics Department
Education level


This notebook lets students explore the concept of rates of change, including:
  • Constant Rate of Change
  • Variable Rate of Change
  • Average Rate of Change
  • Instantaneous Rate of Change
  • Limits
  • Differentiation by First Principles
  • Power Rule
  • Chain Rule
  • Applications of Rates of Change: Motion

*Business and Economics
*Education > College
*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis

Constant Rate of Change, Gradient, Variable Rate of Change, Average Rate of Change, Instantaneous Rate of Change, Gradient of the Tangent, Limits, Differentiation by First Principles, Derivative, Speed, Velocity, Derivative of Displacement, Power Rule, Chain Rule, Scalar Quantities, Vector Quantities
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Rates of Change I - 2011.nb (318.8 KB) - Mathematica Notebook